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450.00 EGP 440.00 EGP

short dress soriee tol Available in black,red,silver,gold,havan,gray avaliable in different large sizes

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260.00 EGP 250.00 EGP

short dress tirtir avalilable in silver,red,dark red,black

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280.00 EGP 260.00 EGP

Available in Red, Cashmere, Dark Blue. Available in Different Large sizes.

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390.00 EGP 300.00 EGP

Short Soiree dress with wide sleeves tel chest and sleeves. Available only in Gold, Bluish Black and Dark Red. Available in Different Large sizes.

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325.00 EGP

short soiree dress avaliable only in Gold avaliable in differant size  

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450.00 EGP

Available in Silver, Cashmere, Dark Blue, Grey, and Turquoise. Available in Different Large sizes.

140.00 EGP 130.00 EGP

Soiree Blouse with transparent sleeves. Available in Black, Red, and Bluish Black. Available in Different sizes.

130.00 EGP150.00 EGP

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280.00 EGP

Long Salobet with stripes, semi-long Sleeves. Available in Black-White (Wide, Narrow) lines, Tiger stripes. Available in Different sizes.