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270.00 EGP

Draped short dress available only in Black. Available in Different sizes.

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590.00 EGP 455.00 EGP

Tel Salobet, with One Shoulder. Available in Black, Dark Red, Grey, and Bluish Black. Available in Different sizes.

0.00 EGP

Dress tricot available in different large sizes

260.00 EGP

Zipper feather sweatshirt available in colors

175.00 EGP

Frannie Trousers. Available only in Frannie. Available in Different sizes.

260.00 EGP

available in black/ black red/beige/cashmere/orange/pestage/red/rose/suger

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415.00 EGP

متاح بالوان / اسود / نحاسي/ فضي/ رمادي/ذهبي

195.00 EGP

available in black white yellow cashmere pestag